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Advanced Imaging Services

Digital and film imaging is often a critical part of patient care, and SMRC is continually working to build on our facilities to keep up with new technologies and deliver the best diagnostics to our doctors and patients.

Among our recent acquisitions:

A permanent MRI machine, the Siemens MAGNETOM (tm) Espree 1.5 Tesla Open Bore MRI, which    is housed in an 1,800 square foot building newly added to the north side of the facility. The    Espree MRI, with a bore opening of 70 cm (over two feet in diameter) and a table capacity of    handling 550 pounds is the only 1.5 Tesla MRI system that provides enough room for obese    patients and provides a comfortable experience for those who experience claustrophobia.

A 4-D Ultrasound machine, the state-of-the-art in ultrasound imaging, and a digital    mammography system, the latest technology in breast imagery. Both systems complete the    department's quest to function as a totally digital unit and greatly enhance our imaging services.
   First Impressions 4-D Ultrasound is the newest of our services and will allow expectant parents    the opportunity to see what their baby will look like before he or she is even born. Download
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The primary focus of Advanced Imaging Services at Sumner Community Hospital is on diagnostic services. All requests for services are by physician orders only. Our experienced and dedicated imaging staff provides the following daily and 24-hour emergency services:

Diagnostic radiology (X-ray)
Ultrasound (Sonograms)
CT's, (CAT Scan)
MRI, (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
DEXA (Bone Destiny)

Safety Statement

The mammography department is certified by the FDA and is inspected annually as part of the Mammography Quality Standards Act. The CT and general x-ray machines are inspected annually, also. The radiology services offered at SCH are mainly diagnostic, and because of this there is no threat posed by radiation from the equipment. Diagnostic radiology uses low doses of radiation, unlike radiation therapy, which is a service Sumner Community Hospital does not offer.


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